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To Our Vendors

It gives Curvy Roll great pleasure to open up some some of our venues for vending.

We all have a brand that we all would like to be to be seen and Curvy Roll has taken great pride in trying to ensure that our vendors are seen and represented well before the event. 

All vendors must be fully branded! I.E. logos, website, social media presence, clear and concise direction on what you are selling, and last but not least MUST be skater related or unless specified can be other categories! 

Below is the vendor packages, everything we offer our vendors, photos of the various locations, as well as a break down of what items you MUST bring to ensure your success! Vendor submission is open until sold out or 7/31/2024!!!

Submit your brand!

We love our vendors and want the best for you at Curvy Roll, please submit your business information below and a member of our team will be in touch after careful examination of your brand. If you do not hear from us your brand was not selected at this time. Once selected to vend you will be sent an invoice with the total of the choices you would like to vend. Your invoice must be paid within 24 hrs or your selection will be released back to the public.  THERE IS LIMITED SPACES FOR VENDING AT ALL VENUES! Each field is required!

Choose which location you'd like to vend:
Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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