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Our Limited Edition CURVY ROLL 2024 TEE STYLE IS HERE!!! This is the Pink version of our 'RISE ABOVE TEES' Our tees display legandary landmarks and representaitons from special events from around the City of Cleveland. Only 30 total will be sold!



Judy's Hand by Tony Tasset. This sculpture is located east of the MOCA Museum of Contempary Art. 


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US Navy's Blue Angels

US Airforce Thundar Birds

* Both are photos from the Cleveland International Air Show at Burk Lake Front Airport

Superman Logo, Be sure to checkout the display inside of HGopkins Airport at Baggage Claim

Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame

The Free Stamp located next to Cleveland City Hall

The Christmas Story Leg Lamp

Statue of Jessie Owens located at the corner of E. 3rd and Lakeside across from the justice center

Carnegie Bridge Statue

Space Pod at the Cleveland Great Lakes Science Center

East Back of the Flats Skyline view of Downtown Cleveland

And the "LONG, LIVE, [ROCK]" covered with skating moument in front of Rock'n'Roll  Hall of Fame


Tees are made to order, please see our Shipping Policy for details on our process.


  • No refunds or exhanges to online orders! 

  • Please allow at least 2 weeks for your items to be delivered.

    Here's why!

    All of our products are made to order. This means that once you place your order, it goes straight to our manufacturer to be created. It is then shipped to us, we add our magic touch, repackage it, and then ship it to you with our love and gratitude. 

    Our 2 week product creation process:
    📥 Day 1 we receive your order for processing and transmit it to our creation lab.
    🪡 Days 2 - 4 your product is now being created in the lab.
    📦 Days 5 - 8 we anxiously await to receive your product from the lab.
    🕵🏽 Days 8 & 9 we inspect your item(s) for any flaws and add our magick, love, and gratitude.
    🚚 Days 9 - 14 You await anxiously for your shipped product(s) to arrive to you.

    Is there another way to buy merch without buying online?
    YES! Attend Curvy Roll of course and visit our merch table!

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