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Kimberely T'Ebony Craig-Newton aka Sassy


Photographed by: London V, Curvy Roll 2024 Media Manager

Welcome to Curvy Roll, where the magic of roller skating and fashion converge, spearheaded by the incredible Kimberely T'Ebony Craig, affectionately known as Sassy. Born on March 13th, 1987, in the vibrant city of Atlanta, GA, Sassy’s journey from a young skater to a celebrated fashion designer and roller skating event organizer is nothing short of inspiring.

Early Life and Skating Beginnings

Sassy’s love affair with roller skating began at the tender age of five. Taught by her mother and auntie at the old Roller Drome in Euclid, Ohio, young Sassy quickly embraced the freedom and joy of gliding on wheels. Her skating skills were matched by her burgeoning entrepreneurial spirit, which was nurtured by her parents, Lindsey and Kimberly Craig. At just six years old, she became the youngest fashion designer in her family, working in her parents’ dressmaking and alterations shop in downtown Cleveland.

Rising Star in Fashion

Sassy's talent for design soon garnered attention. She crafted stunning outfits for high-profile clients, including former Cavaliers coach John Lucas, the lead singer of Journey, members of the Isley Brothers, and local celebrities like Catherine Bosley of Channel 19 and former Mayor Frank Jackson. Her impeccable designs extended to her personal wardrobe, including her prom dresses, wedding dress, and the legendary Legends Gala dress that went viral on social media.

Challenges and Triumphs

Despite her early success, Sassy faced significant challenges. The death of her beloved grandmother, Josephine Smith, when Sassy was just 15, profoundly affected her. Honoring her grandmother's final wish, she gave up boxing and, for a time, skating. High school became a tumultuous period marked by frequent fights and a transfer to avoid legal troubles.

Renewed Passion and Curvy Roll

After high school, Sassy pursued careers in fashion and healthcare, becoming a nurse and a mother to her first daughter, Alaina Marie by age 22. She was selected to be on Project Runway Season 9 but due to her pregnancy, she was unable to take part in the show. Sassy continued to excel in fashion and by age 30, she was a married mother of two and rekindled her love for roller skating, a passion she passed on to her daughters. In 2017, Sassy reignited her skating journey, frequenting adult night sessions and rediscovering the exhilaration of the rink. This renewed passion led to the creation of Curvy Roll in March 2019. What began as a birthday party quickly blossomed into a beloved annual event, drawing skaters from across the country.

Overcoming Adversity

Sassy’s personal life saw significant upheaval in 2019 when she ended her marriage and moved back to her parents' home. She left everything and had to completely rebuild her while raising her two beautiful daughters. Amidst this turmoil, her skating career soared, with several viral videos showcasing her infamous slow walk and knee high sparkling skate covers. While skating at a local rec center, she reconnected with a childhood love, and they welcomed their youngest daughter, Amelia Rose, in 2020.

Curvy Roll's Evolution

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Curvy Roll thrived. Sassy's innovative spirit and dedication transformed the event into a national sensation, attracting media attention from Skatelyfe TV, Sk8Vidzz, JB Chicago, Roll Moduls, We Skate Clipz, Chase Skaters, and Triple 7 Magazine. In 2023 after a vote by the Curvy Roll Family, Curvy Roll transitioned to a summer event, further cementing its status in the roller skating community.

Making History

Sassy's vision and leadership have propelled Curvy Roll to new heights. She has pioneered several firsts, including developing an app for the event, creating an all-female media team, and turning Cleveland’s Public Auditorium into a skating rink. Her team was the first roller skaters to perform for the Cleveland Cavaliers, she partnered with Cedar Point Amusement Park, and secured discounted airfare with Southwest and Delta for attendees, making Curvy Roll a must-attend event for skaters worldwide.

Looking Ahead

As she continues to innovate and expand Curvy Roll, Sassy remains committed to creating unforgettable experiences for her skate family. Her motto, "It's not our job to convince them we are a great vibe, it's our job to create it and the right ones will come!" perfectly encapsulates her philosophy and drive.

Join us at Curvy Roll and be part of Sassy's incredible journey. Whether you're here for the fashion, the skating, or the community, you're sure to find a home with us.


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