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Our beloved SASSY, overwhelmed with gratitude for the incredible love shown on her "Solar Return," has decided to spread the joy by offering an exclusive discount on tickets to the Auditorium night two!

🎟️ Starting TODAY 3/14/2024 AT 5:50pm and running until 11:59pm TOMORROW 3/15/2024, you can snag your one-day Auditorium pass for just $15! But act fast – there are only 100 of these specially discounted passes available! 🎟️💸 Tell a friend to tell a friend! SHARE THIS VIA SOCIAL MEDIA, PHONE A FRIEND, EMAIL IT, WHATEVER YOU GOT TO DO. Because Sassy only wanted us to share it here first with ALL OF YOU! Our Social Media following will not find out till tomorrow!

Lisa Allen


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  • 29 Aug Thu | 'CURVY ROLL 2024 '

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