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Our family is booming, and the energy is ELECTRIC! 🚀 We're dancing in gratitude for each one of you making our online haven vibrant and full of life! 🎉 If you haven't already, quick reminder to sign that waiver right at the top of our home page – safety first, rockstars! 🛡️👊

Now, here's the golden ticket (literally! 🌟) – Early Bird tickets for the EPIC Curvy Roll 2024 extravaganza are up for grabs until TOMORROW at 11:59 pm! 🎟️✨ Snag yours now at the unbeatable price of $100 and score a FREE official CR 24' tee to strut your stuff in style! 🤩👕 Act fast because, after tomorrow, tickets bump up to $125 with no complimentary tee. ⏰💸

Let's spread the word like wildfire – tell your friends, your fam, your neighbors, even your pet parrot! 🗣️🐦 This is the rollercoaster ride of the year, and we want everyone on board! 🎢🎉

And mark your calendars! 📅 Don't miss the dazzling celebration on our IG page at 7 pm, where the fabulous Sassy will be going LIVE for her birthday bash! 🎂🎈 It's going to be a party you won't want to miss, with surprise appearances from some of your favorite Curvy Roll Family members! 🌟🎊

Let's make this momentous occasion even more spectacular – Golden Passes, Early Bird Tickets, and Sassy's birthday – the stars are aligning, and we can't wait to roll with all of you! 🌈💫

Purchase your tickets now and let's make Curvy Roll 2024 the talk of the town! 🎟️🔥

#RollWithTheBest #CurvyRollMagic

Lisa Allen


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  • 29 Aug Thu | 'CURVY ROLL 2024 '

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